Discover joy & ease with food, once and for all

Experience nutrition counseling designed for those struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating, heal your relationship with food, and reconnect to your body. 

Hey, Iā€™m Staci,  Registered Dietitian.

I help adults and college students heal their relationship with food, cultivate body respect, and let go of disordered eating patterns.

 Learn how to use your body's cues (+ nutrition science!) to nourish your body,  feel more confident, and build body trust. You will cultivate self-compassion, challenge food beliefs, and create a new path forward with food--unique to you and your needs.

Together, we will find your most grounded, most nourished self.

eating disorder specialist
intuitive eating counselor
Yoga teacher

Nutrition counseling without a side of diet culture

You don't have to change your body to change how you feel about your body

experience weight inclusive care

Learn how to trust your body, investigate your relationship with food, and create an environment where food choices and sustainable habits become  second nature...all from the comfort of your home.

1:1 Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Staci is my number one referral for people who are seeking counseling to improve their health and relationship with food and their body.

Emma Laing, phd, Rdn, fand


Body Image Healing
Eating Disorder Recovery
Health Mindset
Intuitive Eating

"Staci is a joy to work with...she has a unique and genuine way of relating with anyone she works with. Her programs are packed with useful information and her creative methods of instruction enlighten participants"

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